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Esthetics Course

As the only school in Northern Colorado specializing in strictly Esthetics, our focus differs from most schools you will find.  We are all skin all the time!!  Our students learn to be safe, competent, confident and successful PROFESSIONALS within the beauty industry.  We have a 100% pass rate for the licensing exam, but we absolutely do not teach to the test.  We provide individualized education for each student, focusing on their needs to be successful not just in esthetics, but in life!

We offer monthly enrollment and orientation (unless we are at capacity) in order to meet the needs of our students.  Our two day orientation sets a strong foundation for success within our program and students are up and running right away!

Our curriculum is divided into 12 sections.  We go over one section each Monday, our class day.  The remainder of school hours for the week are hands on clients, practicing on other students, working reception, learning the business of esthetics, research projects, and BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS!  Students have a weekly requirement for client appointments in order to build a clientele for after graduation.  This can be an intimidating part of the business, so we train and support our students through this process so they are pros when they graduate!!

In addition to the 613 hours of basic skin care education, we include MICRODERMABRASION, DERMAPLANING, and CHEMICAL PEEL certifications in our curriculum.  These classes cost $1250 if taken individually, but our students get them as part of their tuition.

There are many more aspects of our school that exceed our students’ expectations!  If you would like more information or to register, please either use the contact form on the website or email:


It’s about the skin….but it’s not about the skin!


Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum

Advanced Esthetics Massage Certification

This is such a wonderful class to help the novice as well as the seasoned pro with the crucial component of skin care….the facial massage!  Our esteemed instructor, Kandi Arnold, LE/LMT, takes our students deeper into the world of massage with theory and education about the muscles of the face, neck, and arms.  She then teaches techniques to encorporate into your facial service and provides lots of hands on practice!  This fun and engaging class has something for everyone!


Advanced Extractions

Not everyone gets great hands on practice in school when it comes to extractions.  Some folks state they never get to do any!!!  This class teaches everything you ever wanted to know about extractions and allows for hands on practice too!!  If you feel you aren’t quite sure what, when, why, and how to extract….this class is for you!!!  Our students leave feeling much more confident in the care of their clients!


Advanced Ingredients

This class is currently under construction.  Please check back….

*Pre-requisites for class:  Satisfactory completion of Proficiency quiz or completion of Skin Care Ingredients class.

Advanced Makeup Artistry with Blair Leonard

When your Movie Makeup Artist is in such demand, it makes it hard to schedule classes!!  Please check back with us soon….

Brazilian Waxing Certification

Is hair removal your thing??  If so, Missy Eisenach is the woman you have to meet!!!  Missy has tremendous experience in the hair removal (specifically Brazilians) world and teaches a fun and engaging class.  Learn to perform the ever popular Brazilian in under 15 minutes using Missy’s tried and true techniques!  She’s a stickler for safety and sanitation, so you can be assured you will learn how to be fast AND safe!!  Missy combines theory as well as hands on practice in this class as well as lots of laughs!!

**Students are required to grow hair to at least 1/4 inch and receive during class or bring a model.  We can assist with this if necessary, but arrangements must be made in advance.  🙂


Chemical Peels Certification

Did you know it is a Department of Regulatory Agency requirement to take an approved 24 hour Chemical Peel Certification in order to legally perform Chemical Peels in Colorado?  If you are needing this important certification, we can help!!  Our instructors are super knowledgable about peels including the safe application and care of clients.  This three day class is packed with theory as well as lots of hands on practice.  Our students are not only competent after taking this class, they are confident!!

Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum


Cosmetologist/Esthetician Esthetics Intensive

Are you licensed as a Cosmetologist or Esthetician but wanting to enhance your skills?  This class is perfect for the licensee who is either returning to the industry or newly licensed folks who didn’t get adequate training while in school.  This is a fully customizable class dedicated to the specific needs of the student.  After a meeting to discuss specific needs, we create an individualized curriculum to support those needs.  Theory and hands on practice, lots of hands on practice, are the foundation for all aspects of this class.

Variable cost

Dermaplaning Certification


If you want a fun class packed with theory and tons of hands on practice, this is your class!!!  Dermaplaning is beneficial for the client’s skin as well as the Esthetician’s “bag of tricks!”  Cindy Tusa, BSN, LE leads a dynamic, fun class whereas our students not only learn how to perform Dermaplaning, but they leave quite confident in their ability to do so!!  The majority of the “Dermaplaning Party” is spent performing the service in a fun, educational environment!!

Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum


Department of Regulatory Agencies Class

Are you familiar with the newly revised rules?  If not, this class will take you through them in as engaging a manner as possible (they are rules after all) in order to explain what we are allowed to do as well as what we are not allowed to do.  By no means does this class constitute legal advise, but we do our best to help you understand the rules and the resources available!

Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum


Introduction to High Definition Television and Film Makeup Artistry with Blair Leonard

When your Movie Makeup Artist is in such high demand, it makes it hard to schedule classes!!  Please check back with us soon….you aren’t going to want to miss this class!!!

Lash Extensions–Classic

The phenomenal Molly Harrington has teamed up with The White Magnolia to finally offer the lash class we have been wanting to offer!!  Our high standards for education and student satisfaction have kept us from offering this class…until now!!  Molly is an experienced educator for lashing as she has been with Bella Lash for quite some time.  Our two day/12 hour class will teach you how to get started with CLASSIC lashing, provides you with a kit to practice, requires at home practice, and offers continuing support through the process.  Space is limited in this class in order to provide close instructor supervision, so do not delay!!  Register now!!  Email for the fasted route to registration!

$800 includes kit

Microdermabrasion Certification

Just like with Chemical Peels and Permanent Makeup, DORA requires specific education in order to perform Microdermabrasion.  We offer the required 14 hour class with the usual White Magnolia flair!!  Theory is the foundation, but hands on practice and (of course) tons of fun are the focus!!

Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum


Microneedling Certification

Microneedling is an amazing service to offer clients!  It is so versatile in the skin issues it can benefit–we love Microneedling!!  Cindy Tusa, BSN, LE, teaches this class using her own unique method for breaking down medical terminology and pathophysiology in ways that make sense!  Our students leave with a handle on not only how Microneedling works, but how to explain it to clients!!  Oh, and there’s lots of hands on as well!!

**We use the Procell device in our class.  We do not get paid to use this, we just like it.  The different modalities available for Microneedling are discussed and the content certainly applies.  If our students do choose to go with Procell, they offer a $500 discount to our class participants.  We will provide contact information for the rep at the class.


Permanent Makeup Certification

There are lots of Microblading classes offered out there, but they rarely will tell you (unless they are a reputable Colorado school) that DORA requires an approved 132 hour course in order to legally perform any methods of permanent makeup.  Don’t waste your money with these people!!

We offer a dynamic, super in-depth class (132 hours, of course) which teaches multiple modalities.  Learn to use the traditional machine, softap, and the ever popular microblading.  Charity Jara, our phenomenal instructor, has over 6  years of experience in permanent makeup and has a long list of highly satisfied clientele.  Charity typically uses multiple modalities with her clients in order to provide them the look that fits them best and she will teach you how to do the same!!

This class has a tremendous amount of theory as well as tons of hands on practice.  We encourage our students to provide models and we assist with this as well.

The class takes place over four 3-day weekends which alternate (every other).  There is required homework and practice between the weekends and our students are exceptionally prepared to perform permanent makeup when they graduate!

$4200…payment plans possible

A sampling of Charity's lovely work

Reiki Level I

In Level I, the student learns the Reiki power symbol and the non-traditional symbol.  The student experiences different ways of using the symbols along with the Reiki hand positions. The student is also coached on how to prepare themselves for a healing session, what to expect during a session, and then conducts a healing session as part of the class training. This course spends a great deal of time on the actual healing session and the Chakras so that the student gains the confidence and knowledge necessary to enable them to use Reiki on themselves, others, animals, plants or situations. At the end of training, students receive the attunement and are initiated as Usui/Tibetan Level I practitioners.


Skin Care Ingredients

This class is currently under construction!


Game changer!!!  DORA may not regulate threading in Colorado, but it is an amazing hair removal service!  So precise!!  Sumer Pizrada, our lovely and skilled instructor, teaches in such a way that threading is demystified!!  This class is mostly hands on practice—you’ll be obcessed when you leave!!!