Esthetics Course

As the oldest school in Northern Colorado specializing in strictly Esthetics, our focus differs from most schools you will find.  We are all skin all the time!!  Our students learn to be safe, competent, confident and successful PROFESSIONALS within the beauty industry.  We have a 100% pass rate for the licensing exam, but we absolutely do not teach to the test.  We provide individualized education for each student, focusing on their needs to be successful not just in esthetics, but in life!

Here is a sample week of our schedule, but it varies!  We focus on hands-on practice, so if we need to pivot on a particular day, we definitely do that!!

WEEK THREE: Infection Control   4 Client Requirement ($10)


  • Complete Personal Outcomes and Marketing Plan
  • Confirm appointments for the upcoming week
  • Client Appointments
  • Review Infection Control Project with instructor and implement
  • Practice on each other as necessary


  • Implement Personal Outcomes and Marketing Plan
  • Marketing assignment:  Text or email at least 10 people with whom you have not been in contact with in >3 months to tell them what you are doing.  Request they come in for a service.
  • Group Critical Thinking exercise #1
  • Client appointments
  • Weekly Project


  • Client Appointments
  • Continue Personal Marketing Plan
  • Spa duties


  • Client Appointments
  • Continue Personal Marketing Plan
  • Skills lab practice—Facial Massage


  • Client Appointments
  • Group Critical Thinking Exercise #2
  • Turn in Homework
  • Spa Cleaning Duty from List


  • Critical Thinking Exercise:  “Iwana Infection”
  • Read Foundations Chapters 1-3 and complete Check-In Questions

As you can see, our weeks are dynamic, engaging, busy and FUN!!  Every week is different based on the weekly topic and student needs!

In addition to the 613 hours of basic skin care education, we include MICRODERMABRASION, DERMAPLANING, and CHEMICAL PEEL certifications in our tuition.  These classes cost $1250 if taken individually, but our students get them after licensure at no additional cost. And, for a LIMITED TIME, we are including CLASSIC EYELASH EXTENSIONS for free!

There are many more aspects of our school that exceed our students’ expectations!  If you would like more information or to register, please either use the contact form on the website or email:


It’s about the skin….but it’s not about the skin! (Not just a motto, our way of life)


Division of Private Occupational Schools approved curriculum